What’s it made from?

Generally speaking, the software is written in perl. If nothing else you will need to install perl. The database that it uses is MySQL so you will need a MySQL database installed on a system somewhere that you can access. Configuration data is stored in XML files. For ease of access to these files a decent XML library is needed (only a fool would write their own for something like this in this day and age) and I have chosen the libxml2 library and the associated perl interface (XML::LibXML and friends). At a suggestion from someone a few years ago, I wrote an interface to produce graphs using gd via the perl packages GD, GD::Graph and others. Both libxml2 and gd require binary interfaces into perl and are therefore not simple installs.

To gather information from SNMP devices I use the snmpget command from the net-snmp package. If you aren’t collecting data using SNMP then you don’t need to install this software (you will get a little warning during the install but it will still install cleanly). The windows version of the net-snmp package also requires the OpenSSL package. Other systems may also require it but on most modern un*x systems it is there by default and you don’t need to worry about it. You certainly won’t need it if you aren’t using SNMP.

I have also written some java programs to assist in configuration and to do ad-hoc reporting. The configuration program is still a little rough around the edges and only useful for configuration of collection of windows performance monitor files. The reporting program was very rough and generated SVG graphs that it then displayed using code from Apache’s Batik library. I have managed to completely loose the reporting program (it needed a complete rewrite anyway…), as well as the source for the configuration program (some decompilation should get me close to some useful source code when I get around to it). Expect them when you see them of write your own.